Three easy ways to get the perfect fit condom.

myONE has 10 length codes (letters) and 9 width codes (numbers), for a total combination of 60 custom fit condom sizes. Choose an option below to find your myONE condom size code (such as B22 or E77). First time customer? Once you find your code, follow the prompts on one of the 3 pages below to order a sample kit so you can confirm your size before you buy.

Measure with
the FitKit®.

Print, get it up, measure, and bam!
Get your myONE size code in minutes.

Enter your own measurements.

The old school way to size up your stuff.
Bust out the measuring tape.

Get a size recommendation.

Not so comfortable measuring yourself?
No worries. We’ve got you covered.

When condoms don’t fit right, they can cause issues like slippage, erection loss, purple rings, discomfort, and reduced pleasure. It’s time to #FixYourFit!