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ONE believes that confidence is sexy, and the confidence that customers feel using a condom made for their body is actually improving their sex lives. Read some reviews and you'll see what we mean.


"At 44 years old I've had a happy and varied sex life—but this is the first time I have ever had satisfying sex with a condom on. I had thought I hated condoms, when it turns out I just hate condoms that don't fit—I will definitely be ordering more soon. My wife also thanks you!”
“Being slightly smaller than average I needed something that didn't slip - standard condoms had too much excess at bottom. I found the exact size I needed and it's perfect, no movement at all and even makes me feel a bit bigger rolling the full lot down my shaft! Thanks!"
“Being on the larger scale I have always struggled to fit into condoms found in shops—even XL condoms and King size were no use to me. But when I was told about TheyFit I thought I had to try it. They really are truly amazing and I can now enjoy sex without my condom being too tight. Thanks TheyFit!”
“I have never found a condom that truly fitted until I found you. Thank you!”
“This product is the best thing ever invented. I always had trouble in the past getting condoms that fitted perfectly and searched everywhere for different types. Theyfit condoms have a feeling like no other and almost feel like having nothing on. I myself know that typical condoms don't feel great and I have had unprotected sex due to this."
“My previous condoms had often felt too tight, which meant that I lost sensation or they were even painful to wear if I didn't roll them on just right. Being able to measure myself and order some to match my width has been great.”
“TheyFit has made safe sex possible for me at last. Condoms have previously been a nightmare —the greatest problem was having to abandon attempts to have sex because my condoms were too tight. XL condoms hurt and reduced my erections, not to mention that they left a painful elastic section rolled up at the base. The length of my TheyFit condoms isn't so great as to make a thick roll of elastic compressing the base of my erection—further still they are thin and transmit heat well making them a viable solution. Without this company no options would work.”
“I just assumed condoms were supposed to be tight and difficult to roll on, especially the ring at the base, and that wearing a condom meant you wouldn't feel much. It's not really something you ask your friends about, so I didn't know for ages—eventually I discovered that my girth was the issue, but ‘large’ over the counter condoms were not much different. Measuring up to the right size has made so much difference with the sensation that I feel during sex, and they are really easy to roll on. They also feel more secure as they roll right to the bottom of my erection.”