Does Size Matter? | Podcast with ONE and Dr. Jess

Here at myONE® Condoms, we're really keen on talking about condoms and how proper condom fit can greatly improve someone's confidence and pleasure while using condoms. Our director of marketing, Milla Impola, was stoked to join the incredible Dr. Jess on a podcast episode: "Does Size Matter?" Listen to the episode here

Dr. Jess is a Toronto-based sexologist (PhD), author and television personality. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Jess travels extensively to engage with audiences large and small. From couples’ retreats in the Caribbean to academic conferences in the Great White North, she puts clients and workshop participants at ease with her gentle humor, thorough subject knowledge and friendly disposition. Also, she's the best. 

Learn More - Common Condom Fit Challenges:

When condoms are too short, it leaves your penis unprotected from STIs that are transmitted by skin to skin contact

Condom Too Short: If you find that the condoms you’re using don’t fully cover your penis, it means the condom is too short. Unlike a favorite t-shirt that shrinks in the wash, for people who experience this issue, it’s more than an inconvenience. This lack of coverage can make condoms less effective, since it is not fully covering you from STIs that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

When condoms are too long, it can hang off at the tip or bunch at the base like a tight rubber band.

Condom Too Long: Most off-the-shelf condoms are 7.5+ inches long—more than two inches too long for the average penis (5.5 inches). In one study sample of 1,661 men in the United States, 82.83 percent of participants had a penis shorter than the length of a standard condom.

As a result, the condom will not unroll completely, causing a rubber-band effect at the base of the penis—resulting in tightness, discomfort, and decrease in sensation. Think about having a rubber band on your wrist, leaving it there, and then there's that red ring that's left on your wrist when you take the rubber band off. Now image that on a sensitive part like a penis. Ouch! Just because condoms can stretch, doesn't make them comfortable for everyone. We want people to be protected and comfortable. 

If the condom does unroll, the extra length can hang off the tip of the penis and potentially cause it to slip or be pulled off. Neither is good, but can easily be fixed with the proper condom fit!

Condoms that are too tight can be uncomfortable, leading to erection loss and sensation loss.

Condom Too Tight: Aside from issues with condom length, condoms can also be ill-fitting in a girth sense (or what manufacturers call nominal width). If the condoms you’re using feel like they’re squeezing your penis or causing that sort of rubber band feeling of tightness (aka condom tourniquet or “red ring of death"), they are likely too tight.

This type of fit can significantly decrease sensation and lead to loss of erection. Our customers also talk about how they have purple rings on their penis after sex because they are too tight. That’s no fun!

When condoms are too loose, they risk slipping off.

Are you one of the estimated 20-33% of condom users who find that their condoms are too loose? Specifically, when you put on a condom, it feels baggy? Condoms are designed to be snug, both to ensure that they are effective and to help you feel closer to your partner(s).

Unfortunately, this type of fit issue can also mean a greater risk of condoms slipping off during sex and putting you and your partner(s) at risk. Time to fix your fit, if you experience condoms being too loose.

What You Can You Do

Ok, so condoms don’t fit you well. What can you do about it? Well you're already on the myONE Perfect Fit website, so great job getting past Step 1. 

MyONE condoms offer the widest size range of any brand in the world. They range in length from 123 mm (4.8 inches) to 238 mm (9.4 inches), and in nominal width from 45 mm to 64 mm. Now that’s truly measuring up, measuring down, and measuring side to size. All in all, myONE offers 10 different lengths and 9 different girths. That’s 60 custom myONE sizes for you to choose from. Fix your fit with myONE. Get it up, measure it up, and get the $2 sample kit to confirm your size before you buy. Voila!


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