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Another interesting change has come in the attitude to sizing. While large and small size condoms have long been available, recent years have seen brands paying more attention to individual needs when it comes to length and width, as well as overall shape and style. This makes for a more bespoke approach.

One condoms launched MyONE Perfect Fit in 2017 offering 60 different sizes. An online tool allows users to input their exact measurements in order to get a custom recommendation. They then send out free sample packs (shipping costs $2) so customers can try two or three different ones before ordering their preferred size.

The focus has also moved away from trying to create a condom that feels like you’re not wearing it, and towards a more nuanced understanding of what feels good—both physically and emotionally. Manufacturers have realized that not only do ill-fitting condoms function badly, they are uncomfortable and can lead to self-consciousness and insecurity.

Mel Magazine: Big and Small Dicks Have the Same Problem: Condoms Don’t Fit Them

"For Ev, finding myONE was a major improvement...Ev is one of a number of successful stories for Global Protection and ONE Condoms, which boasts on its site that 93 percent of surveyed customers say they’re more likely to use a condom because of improved fit. 'The range of sizes we make our condoms in, it’s not easy. It’s more expensive. That’s why most brands choose a one-size-fits-all model,' says Jared Maraio, senior director of brand strategy with Global Protection. 'We have 60 sizes for the U.S., and the highest percentage of sales for any one size is like 4.8 percent.'”

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Cosmopolitan: I Measured My Penis for Custom-Fit Condoms and Here's How They Felt During Sex

"I realized I didn’t know what an ideal-fitting condom would feel like on my penis, because until recently such a thing didn’t really exist. I wondered why condoms hadn’t always come in more sizes — like shoes, suits, or fitted hats — because a guy’s penis size generally means much more to him than the size of literally anything else on his body. And penises come in all kinds of sizes, so why wouldn’t condoms?"

"To find your size, all you have to do is engage in some good old-fashioned dick-measuring with a printable device called a FitKit, send them the results, and wait for your sample pack of perfect fitting condoms."

"I took a fleeting look at how the condom seemed to fit like a one-handed glove, nodded my head in approval and then commenced fornication. There was no bunching or sliding off, which have been issues for me with store-bought brands. The best part, though, was that the fit was snug, but not constricting. It was freeing—like latex was no longer attempting to kill my boner."

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Healthline: Do We Need Different Sizes of Condoms?

“Although previously existing condoms had some variability in length, there were very limited options for girth,” Davin Wedel, the founder and chief executive officer for Global Protection Corp., told Healthline.

“That means if someone has a thicker than average penis, they won’t notice a significant improvement with existing XL condoms,” he added.

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PlayBoy: Can Bespoke Condoms Finally Win Over Men?

A Boston-based company by the name of ONE Condoms is hoping to curb these concerning figures with the launch of myONE Perfect Fit condoms, bespoke condoms that are custom fit to your penis like a tailored suit. According to internal research, the company found that more than half of men have lost an erection due to poor fit. “The number-one complaint we hear is that condoms don’t fit and are uncomfortable,” ONE Condom’s CEO, Davin Wedel, tells Playboy. “Which is why we believe proper fit is the next evolution in helping increase both condom use and pleasure.” Wedel adds that standard condoms properly fit only 12 percent of men.

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