MyONE® Custom Fit™ condoms now available at CVS stores nationwide!

With 52 sizes, MyONE® Custom Fit™ offers more condom sizes than any other brand. MyONE® partnered with CVS this Fall, the first retailer to carry MyONE® in store.
The sizes available nationwide at CVS were selected based on popularity and represent sizes not otherwise found in-store. “Because we couldn’t take over the entire CVS condom section with 52 sizes, we worked with CVS to choose three of our most popular sizes that would help them better serve their customers,” said Davin Wedel, MyONE®’s founder and president. CVS shelves now have two condom sizes smaller than anything else on the shelf, and one size larger than anything else on the shelf. 
Text that says YOUR PERFECT FIT IS NOW AT CVS. Six photos of MyONE packaging with words SNUG, SUPER SNUG, WIDE and SUPER WIDE.

MyONE®’s sizing codes are called FitCodes. The three MyONE® sizes that are available at CVS stores nationwide are FitCodes 45D (Super Snug), 49F (Snug), and 64J (Super Wide). Select CVS stores have additional sizes as well. Those limited CVS stores have three additional larger sizes in a 10-pack (FitCodes 60H, 60K, 64L) plus a Snug Sampler 3-pack and Large Sampler 3-pack.

Customers receive a FitKit® measuring tool inside the package so they can measure and adjust their size as needed at home and purchase online. 28 sizes will soon be available on

The brand also developed various educational materials inside the packaging to educate consumers about condom sizing and why proper fit matters. “Sex education is at the heart of what we do. When people hear ‘custom fit condom’ there’s a lot of questions that always pop up. We’re passionate about educating consumers how proper condom fit can instill confidence, increase pleasure, and improve performance,” said Wedel.

Just like bras, pants, and shoes, one condom size doesn’t fit all. Regular condoms are 7 inches long, too long for 91% of people1. Too much extra length can result in a thicker ring of latex choking the base of the penis, or the condom hanging off at the tip. When condoms are too short, it leaves the base of the penis unprotected from STIs. When it comes to girth, regular condoms are too tight for 70% of people 2. This can lead to uncomfortable constriction, a painful tight ring at the base of the penis, and erection loss. If a condom is too loose, it can cause condom slippage.

“We launched MyONE® five years ago on the U.S. market. From thousands of customer stories we know that proper condom fit increases confidence, pleasure, and condom use over all,” said Wedel, “So whether it’s date-night or a late-night, anyone getting busy can now head on over to CVS for a perfectly fit condom.”

MyONE® is also getting ready for its annual holiday on February 1st, Measure A Penis Day, to kick off National Condom Month. Knowing more condom sizes are now available at CVS stores makes that holiday a perfect fit.

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1 & 2 Herbenick D, Reece M, Schick V, and Sanders SA. Erect penile length and circumference dimensions of 1,661 sexually active men in the United States. J Sex Med 2014;11:93–101.

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