PRESS RELEASE: becomes first retailer in the U.S. to carry myONE®’s 60 condom sizes

BOSTON — February 14, 2019: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, myONE® condoms launches on with its historic range of 60 sizes. becomes the first retailer in the United States to carry the world’s largest range of sizes, complete with a customer experience to help people find their perfect fit.

“We’re ecstatic to partner with to educate people about the importance of condom fit,” said Davin Wedel, president and founder of ONE® Condoms. “We believe proper condom fit is a gamechanger in the condom category, and is already revolutionizing the way people experience safer sex. Through this partnership, our mission is to bring myONE® to as many condom users as possible.” 

The user experience allows people to select first between shorter, medium or longer condoms. They can then adjust their fit from there, whether it’s needing something slimmer or wider. MyONE provides the world’s largest range of sizes, with combinations of 10 lengths and 9 widths.

“Whether you’re a cucumber, banana, eggplant or carrot — myONE® has a size to fit all veggies,” said Davin Wedel. “No longer do condom users have to sacrifice comfort for safety, or experience issues like condoms feeling too loose, too tight, slipping off or feeling uncomfortable.”

MyONE® launched in fall 2017 with rave reviews from people across the country, praising the difference proper condom fit makes in their sex lives. After hearing customer feedback and using their exclusive condom manufacturing technology, ONE® launched an even better feeling myONE® condom with three major improvements in summer 2018. MyONE® is now 30% thinner, fully lubricated from base to tip through an advanced manufacturing process, and features an incredibly thin bead for additional comfort. Combining perfect fit with enhanced comfort and sensation, myONE is addressing the top complaints about condoms: they don’t fit and are uncomfortable.

“We’re passionate about partnering with retailers to distribute a wider range of sizes, collaborating with health educators to educate about proper condom fit, and developing the latest manufacturing technologies to constantly reinvent and improve the experience of wearing a condom. We’re confident myONE will make a positive impact on increasing condom use, and thrilled is partnering with us on this mission.”

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About ONE®

Launched in 2004, the ONE® brand strives to increase condom usage and facilitate conversations about sexual health by surprising, delighting, and engaging people in ways no one else can. As a leader in premium-branded condoms and lubricants in North America, ONE brings a fresh perspective to sexual health through a fusion of advanced product design, manufacturing technology, customer participation, and social responsibility. ONE is a member of the Global Protection Corp. family of sexual health products founded by Davin Wedel with a mission to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste. 

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