Why putting condoms on random things doesn’t mean condoms fit everyone

At MyONE® Condoms, we’ve always been super passionate about educating people about proper condom fit. We’ve done workshops at conferences like the National Sex Ed Conference, North Carolina Sex Ed Conference, and even Harvard!

For years, many of us were taught that anyone who complains about condom fit must be a scoundrel trying to get out of condom use. From thousands of customer testimonials and decades of research studies, we know that simply is not the truth. Penises out there who struggle with condom slippage or erection loss because condoms are too tight deserve a better, custom fit.

After a recent workshop we did for health department educators, one educator noted: “I have been too readily dismissing concerns that the condom doesn't fit. It was extremely informative to hear about problems associated with ill-fitting condoms and how they decrease effectiveness of the condoms for birth control and STD prevention.”

Everyone deserves condoms that protect and work as intended, and that are also comfortable and pleasurable to use. Imagine if every shoe or bra was the same size. For some, shoes would slide off. For others, they’d be so tight the person would instantly take them off.

When things fit right, we feel confident. When a person isn’t worried about condom slippage or erection loss (or the "red ring of death") because the condom is so tight, they can focus on their partner and pleasure in the moment. We believe proper condom fit is the bridge to increasing condom use overall.

A condom on a foot. myONE Condoms wants to stop this activity, and focus on body positive images instead.

Have you ever tried to put a condom over your arm, foot, or some other large object to prove condoms fit everyone?

We see this on social media and even sex ed workshops quite a lot. We’re really trying to get rid of this activity, once and for all. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1) Yes, condoms can stretch over a watermelon - but did anyone ever ask the watermelon how it feels? When condoms are too tight, they can cause instant erection loss or purple rings on a penis after sex. OUCH!

A cartoon wearing an ill-fitting condom, that causes the red ring of death

2) There’s a big difference between an arm or foot (that has a solid bone in it) versus a penis (that has to work super hard to pump blood into it to stay erect). Despite its name, there’s no bone in boner. When a condom is too tight or small, it can feel very uncomfortable to the user. For some, it causes instant erection loss – which decreases confidence and increases anxiety. To put it in context: Have you ever tried to put a rubber band or hair tie on your wrist, and hours later it leaves a purple mark behind? Now image that on a penis…ouch! That’s why many condom users call it the “red ring of death.”

3) The activity of putting a condom on an arm to prove condoms stretch completely forgets about people who experience slippage with standard condoms. Did you know standard condoms are over 7 inches long? Too long for 91% of condom users. Many people also need a tighter fit (tighter condom circumference). Everyone deserves a condom that fits and feels amazing. 

From a myONE customer: "Being smaller in length and width made using standard size condoms uncomfortable and embarrassing. They are very baggy and at times would slide off completely. Not exactly great for confidence in the bedroom. myONE condoms are a life saver. I entered my measurements on the website and the size that came in the mail was perfect. Nice and snug with no excess over hang. It feels like I'm not wearing anything at all. This is a genius product. Much needed!”

4) Lots of people use standard condom sizes comfortably, and that’s wonderful. However, many penises either feel like a tight sausage wrap or a like they’re wearing shoes 4 sizes too big. MyONE condoms believes every penis, no matter its length and girth, deserves a condom that is functional AND comfortable to wear. When things fit right, you can focus on your partner and pleasure - rather than the mechanics of the condom. 

Here’s our request:

When someone complains about condom fit or says condoms don’t fit them, send them our way! Out of the 52 myONE condom sizes, let’s see if we can fix their fit. From snug fit condoms to super wide condoms, myONE Condoms cover a whole range of penis sizes. We have easy ways to Find Your Fit, and sample kits so people can confirm their size before they buy.

A few more customer reviews to give you all the feels:

"I've actually seen, out in the wild, the view that because you can fit your fist into a condom, that it'll suit any size penis...I don't know about you, but you can fit a cat in a vase, but that doesn't mean it's comfortable! Those f*ckers get in there all the time! It's bollocks. Thank you for making my penis more comfortable.”

 "These are the best fitting condoms I have tried! They don't smash anything down, they conform to everything very well, while also being very secure. I can say that I trust them to stay put and allow a great connection with my girlfriend in almost every circumstance." 

“I had thought I hated condoms, when it turns out I just hate condoms that don't fit—I will definitely be ordering more soon.”

“These condoms complete changed my sex life, and my health. Finally having the right condom fit means that safer sex is actually ENJOYABLE. Regular condoms are a little too tight and the discomfort made it difficult to stay hard.” 

“They actually fit, and they fit snuggly. I enjoyed sex less always worrying about slipping out of a condom. A good fit adds confidence and makes the experience better." 

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