Another interesting change has come in the attitude to sizing. While large and small size condoms have long been available, recent years have seen brands paying more attention to individual needs when it comes to length and width, as well as overall shape and style. This makes for a more bespoke approach.

One condoms launched MyONE Perfect Fit in 2017 offering 60 different sizes. An online tool allows users to input their exact measurements in order to get a custom recommendation. They then send out free sample packs (shipping costs $2) so customers can try two or three different ones before ordering their preferred size.

The focus has also moved away from trying to create a condom that feels like you’re not wearing it, and towards a more nuanced understanding of what feels good—both physically and emotionally. Manufacturers have realized that not only do ill-fitting condoms function badly, they are uncomfortable and can lead to self-consciousness and insecurity.

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