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PlayBoy: Can Bespoke Condoms Finally Win Over Men?

A Boston-based company by the name of ONE Condoms is hoping to curb these concerning figures with the launch of myONE Perfect Fit condoms, bespoke condoms that are custom fit to your penis like a tailored suit. According to internal research, the company found that more than half of men have lost an erection due to poor fit. “The number-one complaint we hear is that condoms don’t fit and are uncomfortable,” ONE Condom’s CEO, Davin Wedel, tells Playboy. “Which is why we believe proper fit is the next evolution in helping increase both condom use and pleasure.” Wedel adds that standard condoms properly fit only 12 percent of men.

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New York Times: A Condom-Maker’s Discovery: Size Matters

“If they bought a small condom before and it was still too big, it’s horrible for men to have that experience,” said Mr. Wedel, whose company owns myONE condoms. Within hours of going on sale, he said, customers had ordered condoms in all 60 sizes.

One customer, Shawn Reimund, 34, of Austin, Tex., ordered B17. With standard condoms, “the length was frustrating because you would get a lot of sliding,” he said, and excess latex would be “cutting off your circulation. I compare it to an anaconda wrapping around you.” Also, “sometimes the girth just wasn’t enough.”

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New York Times: Covering Condoms: A Notoriously Slippery Subject

When writing the story, my goal was to be straightforward but not racy. Sex stories have occasionally made some editors squeamish, and sometimes sexual vocabulary has been sanitized. But discussing sexual health with clarity can help people learn things they may be uncomfortable asking about. It can help remove tinges of shame or salaciousness from a basic human behavior.

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Newsweek: New Custom-Fit Condoms Available For Men Who Are ‘Too Big’

“MyONE has the potential to change people’s perception of condoms and ultimately, reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and STI occurrences,” Davin Wedel, who founded the company in 1987, said. “We’re committed to bringing a smart solution to market by offering comfortable condoms at affordable pricing. In fact, we’re giving away 1 million condoms to help men find their fit.”

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Miami Herald: Condom not fitting well? A company has invented custom ones in 60 sizes

“After years of dedication and hard work, we are thrilled to announce a condom that will finally address complaints about fit,” Davin Wedel, president of myONE Condoms, said in a media release. “You might be able to squeeze your large hands into a size-small glove, but that doesn’t mean it will be comfortable to wear.”

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