The FitKit® is a fast, easy way to find out which of the 52 myONE sizes is your perfect fit.

There's nothing to it:

  1. Download & print the FitKit®.
  2. Check it. Place a credit or debit card on the printout to make sure it printed correctly.*
  3. Cut out the measuring tool. Letters are for length. Numbers are for width.
  4. Get it up. Here's where a great magazine, movie, or helpful friend can come in handy.
  5. Measure your length.
  6. Measure your width.
  7. Enter your size code below to request your free sample kit. Or you can skip the samples and instead make a one-time purchase or subscribe & save with our monthly plans.

Print out the FitKit® page for more detailed instructions about how to measure, or see FitKit® measuring tips.

*Bank card doesn’t fit? Your printer is probably scaling the image. Turn off “scaling” and make sure you’re printing at 100%.

Psssst. Your size code stays between us. It will not appear on any packaging.

Please select your girth number

Please select your length letter

We recently updated our FitCodes, learn more here. Don't see your size code? Contact us!