How to talk to your partner about condom fit

Some of the most common feedback our MyONE® Custom Fit™ Size Specialists (customer service team, and yes it’s a real title) receive is that finding your FitCode can be life-changing. So many of our customers avoided sex with condoms all together because of the discomfort that a poorly fitting condom can bring. Many of them even acknowledged that they have engaged in risky sexual behavior because they couldn’t find the right condom – whether that was a condom that caused slippage, erection loss, or purple rings on the penis after sex. 

Plenty of people have probably heard from your partners that condoms don’t fit, they are too uncomfortable, they’re too tight, they slip off, etc. And if you’re familiar with MyONE® perfect fit condoms, you know already that we have 52 sizes available! But we also know that it can be difficult to bring up MyONE and penis measuring in a conversation.

Fortunately, our experienced customers are here to help! You might be new to the Pickle Protection Club, but so many of our members have already been in this situation and successfully navigated this conversation. So, we went directly to the source and asked MyONE fans to share their best advice for bringing up condom fit in a conversation. 

Tony P says: “Being told or asked about measuring wouldn't bother me at all. I'd be happy to know about better fitting condoms.”


Spoiler alert: Penises come in different sizes. 

Hit them with some penis size stats

Did you know standard condoms are 7 inches long, too long for 91% of people? For many, the excess latex bunches at the base like a rubber band getting tighter. Or the extra latex hangs at the tip, which is not comfortable, confidence-boosting, and can get caught in itself. Many people also need a snugger fit to help avoid slippage. In fact, the current snuggest and shortest MyONE FitCode (45C) is the #2 selling size out of all 52 sizes. In addition, 70% of people need a condom that’s wider than a regular condom to avoid erection loss and the dreaded red ring of death. 

Look, penises come in different sizes. And just like pants or bras, condoms should come in different sizes, too. We’ve found that when you normalize the conversation (duh!) around penis size, it’s easier to help get people to measure for pleasure and explore a different condom fit. 


Work it into foreplay

FitKits are sexy. The tasteful navy blue background, the rainbow girth gradient, the smooth sans-serif typeface that makes up the length letters… 

Okay maybe that is just Size Specialist bias speaking, but we know anything can be sexy in an accepting, intimate, and compassionate environment. It can be really challenging to measure yourself, and really hard to stay hard. So many of our customers have told us that having their partner measure them was the most effective and engaging method. 

Kevin S. says: “I would love it if my partner told me about fitted condoms and asked if she could measure me. Using the measurement as part of foreplay would be great, especially as an in-the-moment surprise.”


Work it into roleplay

A doctor assisting a patient, or what about a construction worker just measuring wood? Maybe Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster have fallen in love and are ready to take that next step in their relationship? Or maybe one of you is an alien from another planet conducting research on human reproduction? 

 “If you need a nurse costume to feel like you're getting full service from your tape measure, I will be happy to do my part for better fitting protection." That’s some sound advice from Nate.


Make it fashion

We don’t mean putting a top-hat on your penis, unless that’s your style…

The best looking suit isn’t necessarily the most expensive one, or the one in the nicest color.  A tailor would tell you that fit is everything when it comes to suits, and condoms are essentially suits for your penis. “What guy wouldn’t want a custom-made suit? You can’t have a custom suit without a fitting. Don’t approach it as measurement. Approach it as customization,” says a MyONE customer who prefers to stay anonymous.


Cause it feels amazing

The number one difference our customers notice when they make the switch is that the sex just feels better. This could be because they no longer have to focus on making sure the condom doesn’t slip off, or because they can finally sustain their erection with a less constricting fit. When people say they hate condoms, they should really be saying that they hate condoms that fit poorly. Ronnie from Denver says: “I'd like to hear: ‘I want you to feel good while we're staying safe. I heard these feel really good for the guy and I want you to have that.’”


Bananas always funny

Some people like average bananas, some like the smaller lady finger bananas, and some like big green plantains. We’ve found that breaking the ice with a little humor is always helpful! Reignbeau Heffer has some advice: “My partner literally held up two bananas and asked, ‘Babe, is your penis more like this or this?’ Honestly, it was so funny, I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Then he showed me the ad on Facebook about MyONE condoms.” 


Every size is the perfect size

The last thing you want your partner to think is that you have a problem with their penis! After all their penis isn’t the problem, the way we talk about penises and the way condoms are manufactured is the problem. In one study, 91% of participants had a penis shorter than the length of a standard condom.  “Let’s measure so that you get the perfect size for your perfect penis,” says Beebert.


Make it about both of you

Contraceptive planning should never fall to just one partner. An ill fitting condom can be just as uncomfortable for the receiving partner as it is for the person wearing it. If your partner is really skeptical about the whole process, and maybe even insecure, then let them know that proper condom fit is just as important to you as it is to them. “As a woman who hates using condoms but who loves safe sex, I eagerly said to my partner, ‘Let's fool around and measure your penis!’ After briefly clarifying that I wasn't just whipping out a ruler to make a TikTok or something, he was totally on board. I think when my partner saw how excited I was about these condoms, he knew how excited I would be for the use of them to follow...which made the measuring thing fun!” says MyONE customer “DirtyHippy”.


At the end of the day, sometimes the simplest approach can be the most effective…

“I can’t think of many people who’d pass up an opportunity to have their goods handled by their partner. ‘Let’s measure it!’ should work just fine!” says MyONE customer A.R.

No matter which method you prefer, as long as you approach the conversation from a place of mutual respect and understanding you are on the right track. You might have to bridge the topic a few times before your partner is fully comfortable with the idea. If you know for a fact that your partner is already insecure about their penis or with talking about sex in general, the gentle hand is always the better option. Start dropping hints that using a standard condom makes you uncomfortable and maybe you could both do some research into different options. Or maybe pretend like you came up with the greatest idea for custom fit condoms and ‘stumble upon’ our website in your search to see if there are any options out there already. You know your partner best, so pick and choose what works, don’t be afraid to adjust, and make sure you have fun with it!


Check out our condom size chart above! All of this advice is designed to help you decipher your own personal FitCode aka your MyONE size code. Each of our 52 FitCodes is the combination of a Width Number (such as 45) and a Letter Letter Code (such as C). Combine those to get your FitCode (such as 45C). There are 9 total widths to choose from & 10 different lengths. 

When you’re using the FitKit measuring tool, you’ll see those codes directly on the tool. Or you can simply put in your length and circumference measurements here, and the online tool will tell you your MyONE size code. 

The size codes also keep your specific length and width private. You can then order a 2-condom sample kit that includes the size you measured plus another close size. And if the initial samples are not a great fit, contact us. Our Size Specialists will recommend and send a sampler of another size based on your experience. 

No time to measure? Check out the MyONE Quick Samplers in the Snug, Classic or Large range

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The good kind of fine print: All MyONE Condoms are latex condoms made from natural rubber latex. They are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, triple tested, and FDA cleared for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy. MyONE Condoms are also hyperthin, lubricated, and feature technologies like Sensatex, MicroRoll and TotalGlide. They can be used during vaginal sex, oral sex, or anal sex. We also always recommend using extra lubricant with condoms for comfort, pleasure, and helping to reduce condom breakage. Just don’t use any oil-based lubes (such as baby oil), as oil breaks latex condoms. Be a pro at condoms: Check out our condom instructions here.

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