Measure A Penis Day 2023 - what’s happened since 2022?

Have a happy Measure A Penis Day 2023! February 1st, 2023, marks the fourth annual Measure A Penis Day celebration (#MAPD23). It’s a day MyONE® Custom Fit™ invented to get people talking about the importance of proper condom fit. With 52 condom sizes, you can select your perfect length and width. And we’re always here to answer all your questions about custom fit condoms….and personal lubricant! In fact, come hang out at our Reddit AMA 2/1/23 at 2pm EST. 

MyONE Condoms banner with green and blue with text For Good Measure for Measure A Penis Day

So, what has the MyONE Condoms team been up to since the last Measure A Penis Day?

NEW - MyONE® Snug, Classic & Large Sample 3-Counts MyONE Custom Fit Condoms 3-packs for Snug Sizes, Classic Sizes and Large Sizes

When people find their FitCode at, they can order a sample kit of that specific size to test their size before they buy. Don’t want to measure or don’t simply have a measuring tape at home? We just launched the Snug, Classic, and Large Quick Sample Kit 3-Packs! Check out the new products here. Select one based on your prior experiences with regular condoms, and we’ll send you 3 sizes to try. Are you a sexy single who wants to keep a few different sizes in your nightstand? These are great for that (wink wink).

MyONE® launched at CVS!

MyONE Custom Fit Condoms Packaging that says SNUG, another says SUPER SNUG, and the third one says SUPER WIDE.

We’re BEYOND shaking in excitement that select MyONE sizes are now available at CVS stores nationwide - the first retail store to ever carry MyONE. Their passion to have more condom sizes on shelf has been super inspiring. When selecting the type of birth control you want to use, it’s nice to know custom fit condoms are just a CVS trip away. But since we couldn’t take over the entire CVS shelf (dare to dream!), we’ve selected two MyONE sizes that are snugger & shorter than regular condoms, and one large condom size bigger than anything else on shelf. Learn more about the sizes available at CVS on our website here, read the press release and check out

MyONE is now on

MyONE Condoms falling out of an Amazon shipping box.

With 52 sizes, it’s pretty tricky to add that many products to a retailer website like Amazon. So we created a strategy with a reduced set of 28 sizes. All 9 MyONE width options are included, each with 3-4 length options. We’re hoping this will quicker help people find an amazing fit on Amazon & still covers the vast majority of penis sizes. Check us out on Amazon & let us know your feedback. 

New FitCode system

We used to hear a lot of feedback about how our size codes (FitCodes) are too difficult to navigate, so we've made them more intuitive. To adjust your size more easily, the widths are now color coded and the numbers and letters are in order. A FitCode (such as 45C) is the combination of a Width Number (such as 45) and a Length Letter (such as C). Learn more about the new FitCodes here

New 12-count and 36-count packaging 

We’re all about the perfect package for your package. We just launched new 12-count and 36-count packaging made from 100% recycled paper, and also which has less packaging overall. 

MyONE Condoms packaging on the left side of the image. Right size says: 10 condom lengths. 9 condom widths. One perfect fit for you.

Since MyONE's launch on the U.S. market in 2017, we've helped thousands of people find their perfect fit. We've done workshops for educators at various conferences and continue to find new ways to highlight what a difference proper condom fit makes for pleasure, confidence, and sexual health. We're waving our hands in celebration of what's happened in the last 5 years - while we're always still dreaming of where to take MyONE next. Thank you for being loyal fans & giving us feedback on how to improve. Thank you for measuring and giving your penis a condom that’s like a sexy custom suit.

In measuring tools we trust,

MyONE Size Specialists

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