MyONE Custom Fit Coming Up On One Year at CVS

Six years ago we launched MyONE® Custom Fit™, the most inclusive condom on the market with 52 different condom size options. Our goal with MyONE Custom Fit is to provide every customer with a well-fitting condom that boosts confidence, protects against sexually transmitted infections (aka sexually transmitted diseases), and acts as a reliable form of birth control.

Last fall, we began a dream partnership with CVS, which became the first retailer to carry MyONE Custom Fit in stores. CVS saw value in MyONE Condoms because it offers a solution to a long-lasting gap in the condom industry: regular condoms don’t fit most penises. 

CVS and MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms Partnership

Regular condoms are 7 inches long, which is too long for 91% of people. Makes sense, since the average penis size is around 5 to 5.5 inches long. Regular condoms are also made to fit one standard nominal width, 53mm, which doesn’t account for the wide range in penis girth sizes. (More on nominal width and other condom terms in our Dic(k)tionary.) Ill-fitting condoms aren’t only annoying, but they can also be painful, put users at higher risk of infection (due to slippage and breakage), and cause a host of other uncomfortable problems (if you know, you know).

For almost a year we’ve been working with CVS to bring better-fitting condoms to customers across America. Although we couldn’t bring all 52 sizes to every CVS store (without clearing out aisles), we carefully selected sizes based on popularity and to represent sizes not otherwise found in stores.

Below you can find which sizes are offered in-store, and which can be purchased online:


All CVS stores nationwide have the Super Snug (FitCode 45D), Snug (FitCode 49F), and Super Wide (FitCode 64J) in a 10-count condom box. Since we launched with CVS in the Fall of 2022, the two snugger sizes have been selling better than any other MyONE product because no other brand sells condoms that are smaller than regular condoms.

MyONE Perfect Fit 10-count sizes at CVS, Super Snug, Snug, Extra Wide, Extra Wide Long, Super Wide, Super Wide Long

Select stores also have an Extra Wide (FitCode 60H), Extra Wide & Long (60K), and Super Wide & Long (FitCode 64L) in a 10-count condom box - and we're hoping they'll be in more stores in the future. 

We also developed new sampler 3-counts for CVS stores. In a retail setting, people generally know if they are looking for something snugger than a regular condom or larger than a regular condom. And let's be honest, we don't want people measuring themselves in the condom isle to get their exact fit. The 3-count samplers allow people to get three different sizes to test - based on previous experiences with regular condoms.  

MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms Snug, Classic, Large Samplers

Since last fall, select CVS stores have had the Snug 3-count Sampler & Large 3-count Sampler on shelf. We’re thrilled to share that because the Snug Sampler 3-count is SO popular, CVS is expanding that to 6,000+ stores in the Fall of 2023.

Note: all 3 quick samplers, including our Classic 3-count Sampler are available on our website. And you still have the option on to measure first (with our FitKit or by entering your measurements) and then get a sample kit with your specific FitCode to test before you buy. 


We selected the top 28 condom sizes for CVS online. See at: Those are separated into 3 product pages: Snug, Classic & Large. Each page offers three girth options each with 3-4 length options, for a total of 28 MyONE sizes. A similar MyONE set up is also now available on Amazon. Our entire line of 52 sizes is pretty tricky for retailers to carry (even online), so we made a strategy with 28 sizes that still covers the vast majority of people and provides an amazing condom fit. 

MyONE Perfect Fit Condoms Customer Review

You may be wondering, how much are condoms at CVS? The 10-counts in-store are $17.49 and the 3-counts are $3.99.

Another question you might be asking is how do I find my fit when there are so many types of condoms? Thankfully, MyONE Custom Fit makes it easy to measure, test, and try our size range. You can find the perfect condom by using our MyONE FitKit or by entering your own measurements. Pro tip: measure the erect penis (not soft)! We get that question all the time.

MyONE measuring tools and condom size instructions

Having MyONE Custom Fit on shelf in a store has been a HUGE step towards our goal of making safer, pleasurable sex accessible for all. We love working with CVS and can’t wait to continue to expand our product selection in stores near you.

All MyONE® Condoms are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, non-GMO & made with no harmful chemicals. They also use natural rubber latex, but this one is a bit funny. ALL condoms, because they come from rubber trees, are made with natural rubber latex. 

MyONE is a latex condom, and intended to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (sexually transmitted diseases). They can be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, or oral sex.

What’s next for MyONE?

We’re looking forward to extending select MyONE sizes to sex shops and other stores, and working with health centers and clinics to provide a size variety that’s not just “regular” or “large.” Our goals is to make condoms that fit correctly an important part of the health care routine.

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