MyONE FitKit® | 2-pack

Just pay for postage

Product Details

The FitKit® is a great way to find your perfect myONE® size. Just pay shipping & handling and we'll mail two laminated FitKit®'s to you. Or you can download and print the FitKit, here. All of our $2 sample kits also include the laminated FitKit® inside. 

Here's how it works:

Find your length. Place the measuring tool under your erection with the wide end toward your body. Be sure that the edge of the FitKit® is at the base of your penis, ensuring that the entire shaft will be covered. Your length is the letter that you see above the tip of your penis.

STEP 2: Find your width. Wrap the measuring tool gently around the middle of your erection. Your width is shown where the arrows meet the numbers. If your size is in between two numbers, select the number that is closest.

STEP 3: Determine your size. Combine your Length Letter with your Width Number to determine your myONE® condom size. Enter your length letter and width number here, and you’ll see the option to get a sample kit or purchase that size code

Please note: your myONE® size is a suggested size based on your measurements. You may want to choose a slightly dierent size based on your personal preference. If your combination is not shown, to make the best choice choose a nearby size. It’s better that a condom has more length or less width rather than be too wide or short. A proper fit is both comfortable and held snugly in position. Don’t be afraid to try more than one code combination!

Think all condoms are the same? Think again.

We spend every day trying to make condoms better.

Hundreds of Designs

MyONE® condoms feature a variety of wrapper designs.

Unique Latex Formula

Sensatex is softer than other forms of latex. Softer latex stretches and moves with the body, for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Advanced Quality Testing

Every myONE® condom is electronically tested for safety, and every batch is vigorously tested to surpass the highest worldwide testing standards.