MyONE FitKit® | 2-pack

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The FitKit® is a great way to find your perfect myONE® size. Just pay shipping & handling and we'll mail two laminated FitKit®'s to you. Or you can download and print the FitKit, here.

Here's how it works:

A MyONE® FitCode (aka size code) is a combination of a Girth Number (ex. 53) and a Length Letter (ex. H) to get your FitCode (ex. 53H). There are nine different Girth Numbers and 10 different Length Letters. There's a total of 52 size combinations, including the snuggest and largest condom on the market. 

STEP 1: Measure Girth. Place the wide part of the FitKit against the thickest part of your erection. Then wrap the FitKit around like a belt. When the bright green arrows line up to one of the color bands, this is your GIRTH NUMBER. 45 is the snuggest option while 64 is the widest. 

STEP 2: Measure Length. Place the FitKit on top of your erection, measuring from the base of the penis to the very tip. The letter that lines up at the tip is your LENGTH LETTER. Curvy? Measure on the longest side to ensure your condom length will be long enough. 

STEP 3: Determine your size. Combine your GIRTH NUMBER with your LENGTH LETTER to determine your MyONE® FitCode. Enter your GIRTH NUMBER and LENGTH LETTER on this page, and you’ll see the option to get a sample kit or purchase that size code.

Note: The sizing recommendations on the MyONE website are based on years of data and a formula for ideal fit, which recommends a condom length slightly longer than your actual penis length — and a condom width slightly snugger than the actual penis girth measurement. That’s to help make sure someone gets full coverage in length from base to tip, and so that the condom is slightly snug in order to stay on properly. But that’s why we also provide sample kits, so people can fine-tune and see what works best for them. Don't be afraid to test a few sizes!

MyONE Custom Fit Condoms FitCode chart that shows colorful circles from Super Snug to Super Wide.And lengths ranging from C to M.

Think all condoms are the same? Think again.

We spend every day trying to make condoms better.

Hundreds of Designs

MyONE® condoms feature a variety of wrapper designs.

Unique Latex Formula

Sensatex is softer than other forms of latex. Softer latex stretches and moves with the body, for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Advanced Quality Testing

Every myONE® condom is electronically tested for safety, and every batch is vigorously tested to surpass the highest worldwide testing standards.